Baby-Life Support

Baby on life support to be cared for in nursing home

A severely brain-damaged baby whose fate awaits a ruling of the Ohio Supreme Court will be moved Tuesday out of Akron Children's Hospital to a nursing home. The court-appointed guardian for eight-month-old Aiden Stein made the decision to take him out of the hospital, but said his hopeless condition is unchanged. He has been on a ventilator since March 15th. Akron lawyer Ellen Kaforey's authority to make medical decisions for Aiden will continue at Aristocrat Berea, a nursing home near Cleveland. Following a four-day hearing in April, Summit County Probate Judge Bill Spicer appointed Kaforey as Aiden's medical guardian, who then planned to have Aiden removed from the ventilator on June tenth. However, the Ohio Supreme Court halted the removal. The court must decide whether to hear an appeal.