Green Twp. man knocked out, war medals stolen

Police sketch of suspect (Source: Green Twp. Police)
Police sketch of suspect (Source: Green Twp. Police)
Marty Farmer
Marty Farmer

GREEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Marty Farmer is a war hero with many medals, until Dec. 17, when the former Marine Corps veteran came home and found two men standing in the middle of the kitchen in his Green Township home.

"I said 'Hi, who are you?'" recalled Farmer. "They said, 'We're here to do the utilities work.'"

Farmer didn't buy that.

"I call it instinctively, or slow stupidity. I said to myself, 'This isn't right, these guys aren't here to work.' I had a bad feeling. My goal was to get out of my own home."

He is 71-years-old and plays basketball three days a week.

However, the younger men beat him and left him for dead. He was lying on the floor until his sister-in-law came to his house and found him.

"At that stage of the game, I wasn't really clicking on the memory business at all. She came in, 'Hi, here's the stuff, thank you.' And I probably wasn't going to get the 'All Brother-in-law' trophy that time because I was probably pretty short with her," Farmer added. "But she knew something was terribly wrong and called the police."

Farmer was a financier and a political lobbyist. He has pictures of him with presidents, vice-presidents and senators. He kept his war medals in a drawer in his bedroom, and they were the only things stolen.

"They didn't take anything," he said, confused. "I mean I don't know enough about the thief business or the stealing business, but I would've taken electronics stuff or stuff that is readily available that you can peddle off if you're in that business."

The intruders broke both of his eye sockets, several ribs, and put a gash in the back of his head about three inches long. Luckily, his doctors say he will fully recover.

Until then, he considers himself lucky that he wasn't hurt any worse. He also didn't think the thieves were very bright.

"No, I wouldn't give them 'Thief of the Year' awards," he said.

Officers say the man pictured was one of the attackers. If you think you might know who he is, contact Green Township police at (513)-851-6000.

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