Woman found guilty on all counts for Indiana murder

Allison Moore (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Allison Moore (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Nancy Hershman
Nancy Hershman
Nancy Hershman, photo courtesy of family
Nancy Hershman, photo courtesy of family

MILAN, IN (FOX19) - A woman was found guilty Friday for her involvement in an Indiana woman's murder.

Nancy Hershman, 68, was shot to death on Dec. 30.

Allison Moore, 22, of Colerain Township, and two 15-year-old male juveniles are being held in connection with Hershman's murder. They were arrested in December of 2013. Moore is facing charges of murder, burglary, and conspiracy to commit burglary.

A judge declared Moore was guilty on all counts Friday afternoon.

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, the suspects committed a robbery in Cross Plains that included stealing between $600 and $700 and roughly an ounce of marijuana before they went to Hershman's home a few hours later. Prosecutors say the connection with the first robbery is believed to be that one of the juveniles had smoked marijuana with the male robbery victim.

When they arrived at Hershman's home prosecutors say a teen kicked in the door and then Moore went into the home with a gun and was confronted by Hershman.

"Shortly after the door was kicked in there was a struggle for the gun and she was shot during that struggle for the gun and she was shot during that struggle," Ripley County prosecutor Ric Hertel said.

Hertel says they do not believe Hershman's home was randomly targeted. He says one of the teens allegedly involved in the murder had ties to Ripley County and there is even a possible connection between one of the teens and some construction work done on Hershman's home last year.

Hertel says Moore admitted to being the shooter, driver, and owner of the vehicle that was used. He says the .40 caliber gun believed to have been used was illegally purchased by one of the juveniles.

A relative of one of the teen suspects said the trio went to Indiana to rob a drug dealer, and then picked a home at random to rob. However, prosecutors said Monday that they don't think Hershman was a random target.

"I think people in Ripley County believe we're this small, sleepy little community which to a large extent we are; I think that's why a lot of people live here," Hertel said. "So it probably sent shivers down the spines of some people who live here in this area."

"She was a really nice lady and for somebody to do this they had to have a lot of guts," Hershman's grandson Coty said.

Prosecutors say there does not appear to be anything missing from Hershman's home.

Prosecutors are looking to try the teens as adults which means they would face the same charges as Moore.

Nancy's daughter Dawn Evans says it was difficult for the family to be investigated by police.

"When the police started talking to me I looked at them and said 'I don't care where this leads, I don't care if it leads back to my own doorstep, but I want you to find this person because I want to look them in the eye in court and ask them what gave them the right to play God and take my mother away from me'," she told FOX19.

Nora Boggess and her daughter, Stacy Liggett, live two doors from Allison Moore and say the news of the crime is hard to believe.

"I was shocked really because she didn't seem like that type of person. So I knew she had some problem, but I never knew she was like that," said Boggess.

The 16-year-old suspect's relative says Allison was supposed to be taking the two teenagers to see a movie the night of the murder, but their intention was to drive to Milan where one of the teens had once lived.

Police on Saturday served a search warrant at the relative's home looking for a .40-caliber handgun, ski masks, shoes and other evidence.

Stacy Liggett says she saw Allison being arrested.

"We had got back from the store my mom was like they're taking someone out in handcuffs and that's when we realized it was Allison and she had yelled out to my mom to go check on her kids because they had two babies in the house....three in the house," said Liggett.

Neighbors say Allison has a lot of problems fitting in and it was those problems that cost Allison her fast food job.

"When we first met her she seemed like a real nice person so I hired her at Burger King. She was an employee there for about three months and she was terminated about three weeks ago for not showing up for work. She had a lot of attitude with a lot of employees there," said Boggess.

The investigation remains open. Police say two others were in the car at the time of the murder but did not participate. Prosecutors say they have not yet decided whether they will be pressing additional charges.

Moore will now begin the sentencing phase and the jury is deciding whether she will get life without parole.

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