Facebook app helps you figure out who has the flu

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - If your workplace is anything like ours, chances are you know someone who has the flu or maybe it's you.

A new Facebook app may not be able to determine who gave you the sniffles but it can help determine who your sick friends are.

The "Help, I have the Flu" app uses different clues to determine which friends are sick by checking status updates for words such as "flu," "hospital", "sneezing" and "coughing" and the times people check in.

Several late night posts could be signs that a person isn't sleeping so they may be ill, or susceptible to getting ill.

Frequent partygoers are also suspect, the app says.

The app can then '"Quarantine"or it suggests a type of get well gift.

To try the app out, click here or search "Flu App" on Facebook.

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