Teenager Dies While Saving Friend's Life

A sixteen year-old boy is dead after saving his friend's life at a swimming pool in Roselawn.

Police say Thiernor Barry drowned after he jumped in and helped his friend out of the pool.  It happened at Glen Meadow Apartments.

Thiernor and his father came to Cincinnati about two years ago from the Republic of Guinnee.  He was a soccer player, a good student, and family-oriented.

"The tragedy of this whole thing shocked us because only yesterday he went to the mosque to offer prayers and when he came back, he lost his life.  He is in a better place today," says his Uncle, Umaru Dumbuya.

The family still doesn't know exactly what happened, or why the boys were at the pool, but they will remember his heroic heart.

"His friend was about to drown. He jumped in there, saved his friend and lost his life.  I think that's very heroic and we just lost a hero."

The family is rallying together to raise money.  They need to send Thiernor home to where his mother lives in the Republic of Guinnee for a proper religious burial.

The cost is between $8,000 and $10,000 dollars.  The family is the process of setting up a memorial fund at a local bank.  FOX19 will have that information when it is available.