Cincinnati Public Schools unveil new security plan

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Public School (CPS) officials unveiled new emergency response plans on Wednesday. The plans deal with anything from natural disasters to terrorist attacks.

CPS school services director, Bill Moehring, said those plans include the installation of several cameras.

"We probably have over 1,200 cameras or maybe 2,000 cameras in the district," he said.

In addition, Moehring revealed students and staff are being trained in a system called 'Alice', which entails being proactive if there's no way to escape a hostile intruder.

"If I'm going down, I'm going down with a fight," he said.

Cincinnati Police Officer Shawn George, a school resource officer, said it's all about empowerment.

"If you are trapped, and if by chance the gun person gets to that room, what we're asking them to do now is lock the doors, barricade the doors, and then if the bad guy gets inside there, we're not going to be a victim anymore. You are going to empower yourself. You are going to fight back." said George.

The security measures include:

  • An employee card access system
  • Secure school entry ways
  • School camera systems
  • A lobby guard, which is an automated system for checking in visitors, to be installed in each school office
  • A lockbox at each school for emergency responder access
  • Safety go-kits for each classroom in every school
  • More than 600 new walkie-talkies.

Officer Odayues Leonard said CPS is well prepared for the unthinkable. "We're confident that we do have a very good plan in place for how to respond and prepare for any type of hazardous emergency that we have."

The plans and procedures are considered to be state of the art for school safety, and CPS plans to update them on an annual basis.

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