Madeira coyote sightings prompt tips from police

Source: MPD Facebook
Source: MPD Facebook

MADEIRA, OH (FOX19) - Madeira Police revealed there have been several coyote sightings reported in the area.

While no serious incidents have happened so far, officers posted a few reminders when dealing with coyotes on their Facebook page.

  • Remove food temptations from property and keep garbage in a secure container. Make sure to remove any dead animals immediately, and be sure to take in pet food after feedings.
  • When letting pets outside, stay with them if you live in an area where coyotes have been spotted.
  • Keep an eye on small children. Although not common, attacks on children have occurred in other parts of the country. As coyotes become more accustomed to living alongside humans, they become less fearful.
  • Should you come face-to-face with a coyote, try to scare it off by making loud noises. Yelling at the animal and banging pots and pans are a good tactic. Also, try to make yourself look bigger, and throw an object at the coyote (rocks, etc).

Madeira officials say they are cognizant of the coyote population, but do not typically respond to reports of wild animals unless they pose a hazard.

However, if one appears to be sick, injured or has attacked another animal or person, call police.

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