Family Wants Their Dog Back

A family in Deerfield Township is pleading for the return of their beloved dog "Tiger."

The Meyers family adopted the 2-3 year-old Plott Hound about 8 months ago from a P.A.W.S animal shelter. July 9th, the dog got loose, but they know someone has him because an anonymous caller on the phone told the Meyers she had found their dog, but will not return it.  Instead, the stranger had called an adoption agency and found the dog a new home.

"They should've come to us, or the very least call animal welfare on us if they suspected we weren't treating the dog right. But for them to make that decision was completely wrong," says the dog's owner, Scott Meyers.

Deerfield Township Police are working the case.  If you have any information on Tiger's whereabouts, call dispatch at 513-925-2525.