Tip on Paige Johnson case leads to nothing but animal bones

LATONIA, KY (FOX19) - Police searched a Latonia business that was believed to be connected to missing Florence teen, Paige Johnson.

A number of police searched the grounds of a business on 35th and Decoursey along with K-9 units.

Police received a tip from an unnamed source on Friday stating that Johnson's body could be at the location. Officials say that the source did not seem to have anything concrete, but had enough legitimate information that led police to believe the search was worthwhile.

During the search Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney, Rob Sanders said it was a painstaking process. "Obviously its going slow because they're being careful about picking the stuff out and sifting through it as they go."

Johnson went missing in September of 2010, she was seventeen at the time.

According to neighbors of the property, the business used to be a pottery place. The property was also used as the location for Johnson's vigil in September of 2010.

As dug into the cistern, friends and family members waited anxiously.  Paige's cousin, Alisa Johnson said she was hoping for some new information. "I'm just hoping that my family can get some closure because its been too long and I'm hoping something happens today."

Johnson says its been an emotional roller coaster as their hopes have been crushed before. "It doesn't get any easier. I've kind of tried to stay out of it because I'm tired of getting my hopes up and nothing happens."

Early in the search Sanders said investigators are also weary of countless dead ends and are not optimistic. "This is a tip that is out in left field compared to all the other information Covington police have gathered so far so I don't hold out a lot of hope that this is going to pay off."

An officer was on patrol at the business over night. Units arrived at the scene as the sun came up to begin their investigation.

The search area was specific to an underground cistern in the back of the property. The cistern has been described as being filled with mud, pottery fragments and animal bones.

Covington police have cleared the scene finding nothing but animal bones.

Sanders says investigators says they will leave no stone unturned and exhaust every possible lead to find Paige.

Johnson says Paige's family remains vigilant. "I will never give up until she's found and laid to rest and gets what she deserves."

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