How could teachers carry guns to school?

SHARONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Ohio law says if a person has a Concealed Carry permit, and if the school board approves it, guns can be carried by that person on school grounds.

In that thought process has to be the issue of if guns are allowed on school grounds, how's it going to work? It will also have be analyzed how a teacher, principal, or janitor would actually have a gun on campus where it's safe, away from the kids, but quickly accessible if they actually need to use it.

Amy Hanlon is an Assistant Manager at Target World in Sharonville. FOX19 asked her to show us where guns can be concealed. She was dressed like many teachers, in business pants and a blouse, carrying a purse. She wound up being able to conceal nine guns without anyone being able to notice it.

"If it's on your person, if it's concealed for your body type, nobody knows you have it," she said.

She had one in the small of her back, in a specially designed purse, one strapped to her ankle, one in what looks like a cell phone case, a little 22 in her pocket, under her blouse on her left side, another one in her blouse on her right side in a special pocket, one in a waistband wrapped around her, and one in a holster attached to her bra.

"It just sits there right in the center of your chest and it only takes less than a second to retrieve, it's just that quick," she added. 

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