Stolen truck with cat on board recovered

Maggie the Cat
Maggie the Cat

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - A truck that was stolen from Florence has been found.

According to a Facebook post, Jay Jones, a trucker from Clanton, Alabama, stopped at Meijer in Florence, KY on Friday.

While his truck was parked there, someone broke into his 18-wheeler and stole it.

Inside was his computer, camera and some cash.

But that wasn't the thing he was most upset about. Jones said the thief also took his traveling partner, Maggie the cat.

Jones said on Facebook that Maggie had been his roadie for four years.

Jones' mother, Dorothy, told FOX19 on Thursday that the truck, minus his trailer, had been found behind the Dearborn VA Clinic in Greendale, Indiana. For unknown reasons, the truck was towed some 60 miles away to a lot in Rushville, IN, and as a result, Maggie was given to the nearby Rushville Animal Shelter.

A woman at the shelter eventually located Jones to tell him she had Maggie.

Bonus to the story: All of his belongings, including clothing, computer and cash, were still in the truck.

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