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Gun owners skeptical of President's plan to cut gun violence

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President Obama's plan to reduce gun violence is getting a cool reception from many gun owners.

Proponents of the plan argue that it will help us live in a safer world because less guns means less murders, suicides and accidents involving guns.

On the flip side, opponents say the initiative infringes on citizens' 2nd Amendment rights, and that guns can actually save lives in cases of self-defense.

Steve Snowden spent 29 years in the Marine Corps and says he's a big believer in the right to bear arms. "I think there are a lot of areas that need to be considered besides just the actual control and registering of guns."

Target World Assistant Manager, Jeff Mann, says more restrictions on firearms won't reduce gun violence, and he says the President's proposals are just grandstanding. "That's all politics. That's nothing but politics. It makes them feel good. They've done something. We've got like 21,000 gun laws on the books. Let's enforce the laws we've got before we need more."

In our commitment to balanced news, we talked with Pastor Ennis Tate who just completed a successful gun buy-back program.

Tate applauds the President's proposals. "I think the Vice President and the task force that the President has put together is right on point."

Tate says the proposals will make a difference. "Let's look at the issues that are really causing the problems in our nation, and that is people's access to certain types of weapons and these high capacity magazines."

While Tate and others want to see fewer guns, assault weapons are literally flying off the shelves at target world because, as Jeff Mann says, people are afraid the government will take them away. 

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