Stop the spread of flu with sports high five ban?

(FOX19) - A New York soccer club is trying to stop the spread of flu by not allowing kids to high five each other.

We spoke to the Highlands Middle School basketball team to see what they thought about a high five ban.

Most felt a high five is a natural reaction to congratulating a team member, but their coach says a lot of kids have been out sick this year, and it may be one way to keep them healthier.

Whether it's to pump up your team or congratulate a player, the high five has been around for a long time. So does a pediatrician think banning the high five would keep our kids healthier?

"It's interesting. Not necessarily a bad thing," said Dr. Jess Drasnin, pediatrician at ESD Pediatric Group. "I do think it's a little bit of overkill, personally. Then you're going to ban the door knobs? You're going to put gloves on to open the door and to touch anything? We can't live in a bubble."

Dr. Drasnin said it would decrease the transfer of germs, but not enough to significantly decrease your risk.

In Fort Thomas, Coach Mike Herald thinks it may not be such a bad idea.

"I think it's good," said the basketball coach of 35 years. "I don't think it's going too far no. Anything you can do to keep your kids healthy and active, I don't see the downside to it. I don't see anything magic about a high five that enhances anything that couldn't be done other ways."

So what do the "experts" have to say?

"I think we should be able to give high fives because it's like a tradition," said Ryan Leigh, member of the Highlands Middles School basketball team.

"Players should be able to high five when you make a good play," agreed Will Salmon.

"I think they should not ban high fives because it's a way to get your team pumped up," echoed Ben Sisson.

One of the players understood the decision.

"There are lots of other ways you can give your team support besides high five," explained Brandon Finn.

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