Butler Co. Sheriff talks armed personnel in schools

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones Thursday announced a new initiative aimed at providing armed personnel inside schools.

Jones was joined by retired Mason police officer, Scott Miller, who has what Jones calls a "fresh idea, outside the box" proposal that he hopes will be readily accepted Butler County.

Miller said, "I thought what better idea than to go into the schools, walk the walk, be a substitute teacher and be a police officer in the schools, an armed police officer."

Miller discussed the idea with sheriff Jones who liked it so much, he deputized Miller on Thursday morning.

Jones revealed, "What better idea than to have a substitute teacher or a school teacher that is already a police officer. Its basically two for one."

Miller also said the price is right. "Its not going to cost the schools an additional dime. Schools need substitutes every single day. So as you go in to substitute you're getting paid as a substitute teacher."

With hundreds of retired police officers in the area, Miller said many of them will be willing to become substitute teachers. "It's about protecting children whether it's peace of mind for parents or children, and I can't imagine a cop that's spent his whole career doing that wouldn't want to do this in some way, even if it's a day or two a month."

Miller thinks it's a better idea than arming career educators. "A teacher shouldn't have to worry about carrying a firearm and using it on somebody. They should worry about educating children and making their lives better."

The Sheriff's Office upped patrols around area schools, following December's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Jones has also sent a letter to Ohio Gov. John Kasich asking to support the idea of putting an armed guard at the door of every school.

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