Dayton bar manager killed while trying to mediate argument

Dayton police say a bar manager who tried to mediate an argument between bar patrons was killed in the bar's parking lot. Police say two other men were injured when a man involved in the argument began firing into the crowd that had gathered in the parking lot. Bar manager Naamon Johnson Junior was killed about two a-m yesterday outside the Majestic Lounge. Police say Johnson was not involved in the argument other than trying to end it peacefully. Police say the shootings occurred when a man pulled a handgun and sprayed the crowd. The injured men were in critical condition at an area hospital. Their names were not released immediately. Police say witnesses identified the shooter but no one has been arrested. Authorities say the argument involving three to four people started in the bar. Johnson escorted them outside and tried to mediate. Police say a crowd formed and the shooter walked away, pulling a handgun and spraying the crowd.