Firefighters battle blaze in Spring Grove Village

SPRING GROVE VILLAGE (FOX19) - Investigators are looking into the cause of a house fire in Spring Grove Village that destroyed the multi-story home.

Captain Michael Hines with Cincinnati Fire Department says initially firefighters did not know if there were people inside.

He says the heaviest fire was in the front right corner of the house, but says they are still waiting to find out what started the blaze.

Capt.. Hines says the windy conditions Saturday night fueled the flames which eventually forced firefighters outside to take a defensive approach.

"Especially in the wintertime when everything's closed up ... with the windows closed up the smoke packs down on the second floor and gets super-heated," Hines explained. "Once it gets heated to a certain temperature it just flashes over and it comes down on our guys. That's one of our biggest concerns right there so once we realized we weren't going to be able to get up there quick enough we started to back down."

"Firefighters are the heroes," homeowner Bradley Powell Sr. said. "They are very respectful, kind, very efficient, I mean look at them; even the officers, they were very kind in giving me information, find out what I need to do. These are the heroes we have every day that we don't appreciate."

He says the home appears to be a total loss.

Powell says he was calm despite the devastation to stay strong for his family.

"I'm the head of the household. The head has to be stable in a situation like this. My wife, now if you'd talk to her it would be a whole different story."

Bradley Powell, the homeowner, says his cousin was in the home washing clothes and a nephew was playing video games when the woman smelled smoke and realized the porch was on fire. He says they were able to get out of the home without injury.

He says as a chemical operator, safety is number one and that translated to his own family's safety plan.

He said he is blessed to live in a neighborhood where people come together in events like this. Powell says already neighbors have offered refuge for his family while they prepare for the next step. He says his wife was an avid photographer and says the loss of those memories will be difficult.

The fire stared around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday evening on the corner of Hand Avenue and Doberrer Ave.

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