Fires Brought Devastation Around Tri-State Tuesday

It was an incredibly busy morning for tri-state fire fighters. Three fires over a period of eight hours. Including a five-alarm inferno that wiped out three homes in Northern Kentucky.

Late Monday night a five-alarm fire on popular street in Ludlow forces dozens of people out of their homes. Fire fighters say the blaze started at one house. But like a terrifying game of dominos - quickly spread to two others. Luckily - only one of these houses was occupied. And everyone got out safe and sound.

Kent Aynes lives a few doors down from where this inferno erupted. "They were just hysterical, man. Running around in circles. Screaming at the fire department. Come on! come on! get my house."

One firemen injured his shoulder. Another his hand. The houses are a total loss and one family is homeless.

Tuesday morning. Fire breaks out at a partially-occupied commerical building on Wyoming Avenue in Lockland. Luckily because it was so early - the building was empty.

At 6:38 a.m. guests at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel in Covington get a terrifying wake-up call.

"The linnen room on the 17th floor was on fire"

The hotel was quickly evacuated. Fire fighters say the building's sprinkler system snuffed out flames and prevented it from spreading. Smoke and water damage was minimal. The major concern however is that several guests say they never heard any fire alarms.

"We're going to talk with the hotel staff and see if they silenced the alarm. We'll see if the alarm's working after we get all of this straightened out."

All three fires remain under investigation. None of them are connected.