WARNING: Cold car is better than stolen car

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Norwood Police is issuing a warning to drivers after two vehicles are stolen.

Wednesday morning, a Ralston Avenue resident left their unlocked 2007 brown Honda Civic running in their driveway to warm it up. A thief came by and stole it.

That's not the first time this has happened this month.

Police say a Kia Sorenta was left running in front of a residence on Hunter Avenue. It was also stolen.

Luckily, it was quickly recovered when the owner noticed it around town. Unfortunately, the suspect ran from the scene and police have yet to track him down.

Lt. Tom Williams with Norwood PD said that they often see cars running unattended at gas stations, grocery stores and fast food places.

"The weather is very cold and nobody likes to get in a freezing cold car but when you start your car and leave it unattended you are giving a thief an open invitation," the chief posted on theNorwood Police Facebook page.  "It is also against law to leave your car running unattended on the street."

Norwood police say Green Township is investigating a similar case.

If you see the Civic, call Norwood Police at (513) 458-4520.

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