Dead Inmate

Officers disciplined for delay in summoning ambulance

Two guards at the London Correctional Institution blamed for a 30-minute delay in calling an ambulance for a dying inmate have been disciplined by requiring them to work without pay. The inmate, 28-year-old Kareem Benjamin of Hamilton, died of an apparent heart attack on February fourth after communication problems and unclear directions from a shift captain led to a failure to immediately summon an ambulance. Warden Deb Timmerman-Cooper announced that Captain Dale Foster will work ten days without pay for a loss of more than two-thousand dollars and control room officer Gary Willis will work two days without pay, forfeiting 283 dollars. The men could have lost their jobs on charges they failed to follow state prison policies and exercised poor judgment. A Corrections Department spokeswoman said it isn't known if the delay in taking Benjamin to a hospital contributed to his death. Benjamin was serving a six- to 30-year sentence for felonious assault, drug abuse and weapons charges.