Car Dealer's Pain Is Car Buyer's Gain

Tri-State auto experts say there could quite possibly be more new cars for sale in the area than ever before.  A spokesperson for the Greater Cincinnati Auto Dealers Association says the glut of cars is happening because due to union rules automakers are having to continue to manufacture cars.  That means there are too many cars for the times.  Times that include high gas prices and an on-going war.  With all the rebates and savings plans buyers with good credit will get to enjoy savings of as much as $10,000 depending on the make and model.  According to the website General Motors has 7 of the 10 best rebate deals.  A 2004 Chevy Blazer for example has a $5000 rebate.  However, counselors at Consumer Credit Counseling of Greater Cincinnati warn buyers to beware of higher interest rates and beware of your own budget.  The bottom line: don't over-buy just because there's a sale on.