Repeat Visitor

Amusement park honors man for 1,000th visit

He's still at it. Don Helbig can't get enough of the Paramount Kings Island amusement park -- or its roller coasters. Park officials honored the Fairfield man today for his one-thousandth visit to Kings Island, located 20 miles north of Cincinnati. Helbig, his wife Laura and nine-year-old daughter, Maria, walked in on a red carpet. He was presented with an oversized commemorative ticket as a memento. Kings Island's management began keeping tabs on Helbig's visits in the 1980s because of his extreme fondness for the park's roller coasters. By Helbig's count -- and the park's -- he has taken 19-thousand rides on the Kings Island coasters, including 11-thousand-673 on the long-running Racer wooden coaster. Helbig was granted mention in the Guinness Book of World Records when he reached 11-thousand rides on the Racer.