Victim's Family Reacts To 9/11 Commission Report

Robert Peraza Sr. of Mason will never forget the day his son Robert died when the World Trade Center fell.  That is why he is reading the report from the 9/11 Commission with extra care.  He says he is impressed with how well the Commission put personal politics aside, and he hopes the government will do the same to put their recommendations into action.

He says the idea for an intelligence center and to appoint an intelligence director is good, but the plan will be difficult to implement.

"It's do-able, it's do-able. It's just going take a lot more work to do it. The American people are going to have to be patient, stay the course, and be on the tail of the President and Congress to get it done."

The report stops short of placing specific blame on any official, but Peraza says it's time to look toward the future.

"Those things are so difficult to understand and what's really happened. It's very difficult to pin blame. I don't care to pin blame, I care to understand what happened and make it better so my children and grandchildren don't have to have another 9-11."