Dangerous Driving on Glenway

"It's just up and coming this is what kids like to do," said Teenaged driver, Ryan.

Teenagers rev their engines and drive their fast, flashy cars in and out of these Glenway avenue parking lots every night.

"Do you guys drag race out here? I don't."

But this young man says lots of people with supped up cars can't resist racing or at least speeding.   He and the others were with Zach Costa---the night he's accused of hitting and killing Gloria Valles and leaving the scene just up the road. Whether Costa was racing or not kids say his accident serves as a serious lesson.

"This is a wake-up call to everybody, not just younger kids it's a wake up call to everybody," said Ryan.

BUt just 2 weeks before, a hand-full of Costa's friends and fellow members of the car club "Vanishing Point" were in another---potentially deadly accident. They escaped their out of control, burning car on I-75.

The same crowd of kids were involved in an almost fatal accident on

lenway avenue
just a year before.

o if kids with fast cars and time to kill can't learn the lesson on their own
how can police fix the problem?
usiness owners say no loitering laws aren't working
even though kids do scatter when police show up.

"They kind of leave, but they come back

a little bit later,
said Tracy Pearson owner of a Glenway hair salon.