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Can your cat compete?

Lots of people have beautiful cats lounging around the house as pets. But did you ever suspect yours might be a prize winner in disguise? You never know.

America Now visited one of America's largest cat contests to find out what it takes for a furry, undiscovered star to win big.

There are plenty of fantastic felines at the cat show in Los Angeles and each kitty contender is judged based on strict criteria established by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Cat Show Judge Pat Jacobberger says, "Every breed standard addresses the size of the head, the shape of the head, the size of the eyes, the roundness of the eyes, the set of the eyes; how long should the legs be and what colors does that particular breed come in and what's approved for exhibiting and showing that particular breed."

RoseAnne Wheeler, a cat breeder, says, "With a pedigree cat, part of what we do is we preserve certain aspects of what the breed is about so there's a consistency in the behavior, in its appearance, things like that."

If you think your cat is a prime example of its breed and ready to step into the ring, then don't waste another minute.

"It's best to start showing your cat as a kitten," says Pat. "We show cats as kittens from the time they're four months old until they're eight months old. Teach them how to go to a cat show and how to absorb all the sounds and the noises at a time when they're not really afraid of anything, they're used to it and they're having a good time because they've been here all their life, so to speak."

Lisa Cuta says, "This cat, Pumpkin Princess, has been competing since she was four months old, and so it's been a year."

And you're sure to find some cat camaraderie, because shows like this are great places for cat lovers to get together.

"Raising cats and showing them is a lot of fun," says Pat Jacobberger. "You meet a lot of great people; you get to spend a weekend with those folks from time to time. It's a great family thing to do because it gets the kids involved in responsible pet ownership." 

And you might be surprised to know that you don't have to own a pedigree cat to compete. There's room for everybody.

"There are the breeds," says Lisa Cuta."But then there's also random-bred cats called household pets. And so that's just like, you know, your regular old cat. Your cat can be a star and be in the cat show, too!"

So whether you have a pampered Persian or a good old mixed-breed, you can compete at a cat show. Look for one near you. Because you never know, you just may have a real showstopper on your hands!

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