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West Side Market vendors await re-opening

West Side Market after fire damage West Side Market after fire damage

More than one hundred vendors and their employees count on the West Side Market for their income. All of them are frustrated to see thousands of dollars in inventory lost and they're eager to see the market re opened soon.

A day and a half after the fire that severely damaged the 100 year old Cleveland landmark, and inside it still needs a lot of work.

"The process of cleaning everything inside the market with all the soot is going to take a long time," said produce vendor, Jason Scott.

But the vendors who count on their stands to make a living are losing money with every passing market day that the doors remained closed.

"I want to hear that we'll be open next week, but looking at the damage, it's not going to happen," said Jerry Chucray of Chucray Meats.

Vendors were allowed to visit their stands today, to asses individual damage and losses. Soot covers counters and cases, and expensive cuts of meat are now garbage.

"We're looking at $10-20,000 just from this weekend alone," said Chucray,

A couple thousand pounds of meat inside his 12x20 cooler must now be thrown out.

"We make our own products and we expected a really busy weekend," he said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, however the suspicion is that it's electrical. The city is still compiling estimates on damages and the clean up costs.

And there is no timeline yet for that clean up or a reopening.

But outside produce vendors perked up when they heard they could open back up tomorrow.

"People would like some stuff for the Super Bowl and this is a big weekend for us," said Michael Shull, of Sunshine Fruits and Vegetables.

"I feel very lucky because we'll be open tomorrow. Some of these people might have to wait three or four weeks," said Scott.

Friday will be a regular business day for produce vendors. But there are some who still won't be opening because of additional financial risk and solidarity with the inside vendors.

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