Wounded Soldier Now Recovering at Home


ri-state soldier is now home recovering with his family after he was hurt in Iraq.

Staff Sergeant Paul Brondhaver and his 216th Engineer Battalion were attacked by a rocket grenade July 7th. Brondhaver was blown back 15 feet, has 300 holes in his body, and has nerve damage in both eardrums.

However, Brondhaver is a walking miracle. He uses a cane and is full of energy, "It was definitely an act of God that got me here, and I do thank God for sparing my life," says Brondhaver.

He says it's good to be home, hugging his children and spending time with his wife. He says he is also grateful for all the support from the community. He has received over 300 get-well cards.

Now he wants to give back. Brondhaver says he will put together a culture slide show of Iraqi children to show to kids at the Cincinnati Recreation Commission.

"I want to help them appreciate their lives and having shoes and socks on their feet. The children of Iraq do not have that liberty."

Standing up for freedom and standing by his soldiers is so close to his heart that he wants to go back.

"My heart is still there, and a chapter of my life is not gonna be complete until those soldiers of the 216th are back on American soil. My heart goes out to them and I want to get better and get back to them, but if I can't, I will do everything that I possibly can from here to support them."

His wife Lisa says

he will also support Brondhaver in his decision, "God protected him the first time, and I trust he'll do that again, and if he goes, we're right behind him."