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Question: Where was security when the West Side Market fire started?

West Side Market fire damage West Side Market fire damage

We got our second look back inside the West Side Market.

The damage is pretty extensive.

The walls are now stained with what had to be an immense amount of smoke.

The fire spread quickly and caused serious damage to Sebastian's Stand.

The question is--where was the security guard? 

Cleveland Firefighters are still trying to get an answer as to just how long the fire had been burning before the smoke detectors sent the alarm.

The fire was not called in by the security guard, although fire officials tell me he was there to meet them when crews arrived around 2-15 am.

The reason for questioning and finger pointing is that the market will now have to be closed for weeks due to clean up and vendors will lose thousands in sales.

The produce market has been cleared to re-open on Friday but in a move of either solidarity or defiance most producer vendors have said they will remain closed.    

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