Disabled E-Check Customer

Disabled man says E-check officials forced him to get out of car.

A disabled man says he was forced to get out of his car at an emissions testing station despite his protests that he did not have his wheelchair. Forty-seven-year-old Rodney Jackson says he was forced to get out of his car July 13th at an E-check station in Lebanon. Jackson has little use of his legs after a stroke and protested after an employee and a manager at the station told him that everyone must get out of their vehicle when it is checked. Jackson says he can stand only as long as it takes to shave and must have pain medication to do so. State officials fired the E-check station manager and sent a training bulletin to all employees of the 44 E-check stations in 14 counties restating the policy that if a physically disabled customer cannot exit the vehicle, the customer can stay in the car. Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Director Chris Jones also wrote an e-mail to Jackson calling the incident inexcusable.