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Best cat breeds for a family

If you're looking for the purr-fect pet for your home—or your personality—we've got a real treat for you! America Now recently visited one of the largest cat shows in the country to meet some of the kitties that might be the most compatible.

Kathy Gumm, a Manx breeder, says, "Each breed has unique qualities and it depends on what you're looking for. If you want an active, in-your-face cat, we have that. If you want a quietly friendly, sit by me, be my buddy cat, we have that too."

The Cat Fanciers Association recognizes more than 40 breeds and the most popular kitty on their list is the Persian.

"The Persian cat as a whole is a mellow, gentle, very amenable cat. They're actually known as the ‘dumb blondes' of the cat world. They expect everything to be done for them and with them, but they're not adventuresome," says Donna Isenberg, a Persian breeder.

If you like a cat that's all about action, then you might consider an Abyssinian.

Dianne Henderson is an Abyssinian breeder. She says, "This breed loves to be involved with everything.  Whatever you're doing. I mean you're opening the mail, this cat is sitting on your envelopes. You're cooking, it wants to help you add a spice or two. They will take a bath with you if they can. They love water. They entertain themselves, they're inquisitive, they're loving - you couldn't ask for a better breed, in my opinion."

For a cat with a velvety coat, they don't come any softer than a big ball of blue-grey fur.

"The British shorthair has the most hairs per square inch of all the breeds of cats and so that makes their coat very cushy and plushy," says Cyndy Byrd, a British Shorthair breeder. "They're big cats and they like to be on the ground, so you don't have to worry about things that you have up on your mantle or coffee table because they're not going to jump up there and knock them off. They want to be on the floor."

And if you don't like a lot of cat hair collecting around the house, then how about a cat with no fur at all?

Dee Dee Cantley, a Sphinx breeder, says, "It's funny, because everybody who looks at a sphinx, especially in pictures goes, ‘Ewww. I'm not so sure.' Then they see them in person and go, 'It's a lot different than I thought it would be.' So it's kind of a cat that grows on you. They're very adaptable cats because they have kind of an outgoing personality. They're not going to hide; they're actually going to be part of your life. It's an all-purpose, naked cat!"

So whether it's a short haired cat… a no-hair cat… a curious cat… or one that just goes with the flow… everyone we spoke with agreed, going to your local cat show and talking to breeders can help you determine which cat is right for you!

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