Boston Police: Still No Convention Problems

Boston police: still no convention problems

Whether it's the cramped quarters in the so-called "free-speech zone" across from the FleetCenter, or some other reason -- Boston police report they've made no arrests thus far related to the Democratic National Convention.

The tightened security features a blend of newer-generation barriers made up of double rows of high-tech steel-mesh fences, razor wire, concrete jersey barriers, metal barricades and the old-fashioned wooden a-frame barriers with "Boston police" stenciled on them. The extra security precautions have kept the city's bomb squad busy. It's checked out more than 35 suspicious packages over the past four days, with nothing threatening discovered.

Meanwhile, a federal judge ruled today that security officials may continue searching the bags of bus and subway passengers traveling near the convention site. Two civil rights groups had objected to the practice.