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Texting & driving crash nearly killed Tri-State woman

This is the second Valentine's Day in a row that Aimee Bishop won't be taking a slow walk, hand-in-hand, even though she's met the love of her life. She spends many of her waking hours in a wheelchair or on crutches. All because, state troopers told her, a woman was texting and driving and hit Aimee's car head-on going as fast as 70 m.p.h.

"You know, I don't really remember much of the accident at all," she said, "just the pictures I've seen is all I have to go by."

Perhaps it's best she doesn't remember, judging by the photos of the aftermath and the details that she learned about later: Extreme blood loss; more than an hour before first responders could free her from the mangled mess; coming so close to death in the helicopter on the way to the hospital that she had to be resuscitated four times.

She also lost the baby she'd been carrying for six months and had to undergo a hysterectomy.

"So, I won't have children," she said, crying. "I will never have children again."

The wreck happened on a rural road in Uriah, Alabama, in April 2011. Aimee was living down there at the time and had just gotten off work at a casino. She was driving with a male friend and his daughter, both of whom were not as badly injured in the crash. They were going to visit some friends when the other driver's car suddenly veered into their lane and hit them head-on.

After spending almost four months in the hospital, Aimee moved back to Loveland where her family can care for her. She really needs an amputation on one of her knees in order to walk with a prosthesis, a surgery she's actually looking forward to because it means moving forward with her life. However, there was a misunderstanding about when government benefits would start kicking-in. That led to a $1,000 bill at a doctor's office. She's been told she'll need to pay that debt off before the doctor will perform the next surgery.

It's not her only problem.

"I actually have no way of getting my medication," she said. "I'm supposed to be on heart medication and pain medication. But I can't afford it. So I kind of have to grin and bear it as much as possible."

Aimee's grinning a lot more these days after a Facebook post caught her eye.

"It was probably some silly quote. I'm always posting philosophical quotes. Either that or cat pictures," said Jordan Eckert with a laugh.

Whatever it was, a spark went off. They liked each other. Within days, Aimee felt she needed to tell Jordan that she's disabled. He didn't give it a second thought, though, and they went out on their first date at Newport on the Levee. They even rode the ducks.

"She has such a great attitude and really that was the first thing that attracted me to her," Jordan said. "So her disability and her surgeries and --- none of that matters to me."

Last fall, they became engaged.

When FOX19 visited them recently, Aimee was getting ready to go the next day to a bridal showcase event at the Sharonville Convention Center. She told us of her dream of a wedding in a rustic barn. She hopes they can get married this fall.

Jordan told us he wishes for something most couples take for granted --- that walk, hand-in-hand.

"Since the time that we've been dating and have been engaged, we've never been able to go for a walk and hold hands," said Jordan. "Just going for a walk and being able to hold hands through the mall or down the street or something as simple as that is something that we're definitely looking forward to."

Plus, there's that walk down the aisle and the first dance after their wedding.

"Oh my gosh!" Aimee said with a big smile. "I may be on crutches but I might --- hopefully by the time I get married I'll have had the surgery. I would love to walk down the aisle at my own wedding. That's definitely something that's important to me. But if not, I'm sure we'll make it work. It'll be special."

For a couple who've been through so much, it has to be.

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