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Kilgore family turns in money-filled wallet


Another example of an East Texas family showing 'honesty is the best policy' as a Kilgore family turns in a wallet with over $1,000 in it. Michelle Gregg and her family found the wallet in the roadway on Myrtle street in Kilgore last Thursday.

"My husband spotted something in the road and the closer he got, it appeared to be a wallet," Michelle says.

Without hesitation, they turned the wallet in to police, finding out later that it contained over $1,000.

"As law enforcement officers we do deal with crime and criminals more often that not, and it is very refreshing to see somebody come in and do a good deed," says lieutenant Roman Roberson of the Kilgore police department.

Gregg's concern was for what the wallet's owner was going through.

"Thinking how hard it would be to replace drivers license , social security card , debit cards credit cards, I've had to do that before that can be real time consuming, and how they could be feeling right now wondering where's my wallet," Gregg says.

"I think the mother was looking at it as an opportunity to teach the children how to do the right thing. I know definitely the owner appreciated it," Roberson says.

It was returned to the owner, but the incident was posted on the Kilgore police Facebook page and received over 800 likes, heaping tons of praise for the family's honesty. For all the praise, Gregg says doing the right thing shouldn't be hard for anyone.

"It shouldn't be hard. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the attention but I'm glad we did the right thing," says Michelle.

Gregg and her family did not receive a reward. They said doing the right thing was reward enough.

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