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4G may cost you more "G's" in the future


4G has already arrived here in Cincinnati.

And it's true what they say, you can really tell a difference in how fast images and web pages download on your smartphone.

But soon we could be shelling-out more money for this faster service.  

A new study by Cisco predicts our monthly cell phone bills will increase by about $40 a month in the next four years thanks to 4G.

That's because, by then, Americans are expected to use 6.2 gigabytes of data each month.

That's a huge amount of data usage when you realize that we only consume about 750 megabytes of data each month on our phones now.  

The reason for the surge is simple: The faster the connection, the more data people want. Streaming video, downloading music, and surfing the web all become a lot more enticing when your smartphone can handle it all with ease.  

How can you save money?  

Cisco recommends logging your phone onto a WiFi network at home and at work if you can. More and more people are doing it, Cisco says, now that we have to pay by the gig.

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