Baby Rhino Born

Cincinnati Zoo: Sumatran rhino makes history with second birth

Rhinoceros made history today. Officials at the Cincinnati Zoo said a Sumatran rhinoceros became the first of her species to give birth to two offspring while in captivity. Zoo officials said the mother, 14-year-old Emi (emmy), and her as-yet unnamed female calf are doing well. The birth at midday ended a pregnancy of almost 16 months -- which is considered typical for a Sumatran rhino. Emi is on loan from the Indonesian government for breeding programs in the United States to try and preserve the endangered species. In 2001, Emi became the first Sumatran rhino in 112 years to give birth to a calf in captivity when she delivered a 72-pound male, named Andalas. The father is Ipuh, who is also on loan from his native Indonesia. Cincinnati Zoo veterinarians plan to give Emi and her newborn a day for bonding and nursing before attempting to weigh the calf tomorrow. Visitors can view the mother and calf tomorrow through video monitors.