Holton Cleans up After the Storm

Neighbors in Holton pulled together today to clean up damage left by a tornado that ripped through their town last night.

The National Weather service says the F-2 tornado about 400 feet in width skipped along a two mile path in western Ripley County.

The town didn't blow away, but the tornado took a big piece out of it. Almost the entire town lost power, neighbors found their homes destroyed, trees ripped out of the ground from the roots, and a trailer home was torn from its front porch and turned over several times. An airplane and its hangar was also destroyed. That damage is estimated at $125,000.

A lot of destruction for a tornado that snuck up fast and didn't last long. Ena Barrett and her mother were driving in their car when they say it coming. They tried to get out and run for shelter, but it was too late.

"I mean, the wind just sucked the door where you couldn't even get out of the door and I got back in the back with her and trees were coming down and somebody's ladder just busted her window out and me and my mom just sat in the back and prayed."

However, people didn't despair. Instead, they were out helping homeless neighbors. The church was the one place in town with electricity, and that's where the Red Cross set up to give food and shelter. Much to everyone's amazement, no one was

hurt when the tornado hit.

By Saturday afternoon, most of the town had electric power restored.