Security Beefed Up

Security beefed up amid new terror warning Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says on a scale of one-to-ten, the quality of intelligence sparking the new terror alert is a "Ten."

Ridge tells NBC "as reliable a group of sources" as he's ever seen prompted the alert level to rise to high in Washington, New York and northern New Jersey. The federal government says al-Qaida may be plotting attacks against financial institutions in New York, New Jersey and the nation's capital. Ridge cites intelligence pointing to a car or truck bomb.

A fresh terror threat pointing to a car or truck bomb has turned the start of the work week into a frightening inconvenience for (m) millions of Americans. Intelligence suggests the targets are financial icons. In New York -- the heart of business -- traffic is disrupted. Some tunnels leading into the city are off limits to trucks. Several midtown streets are closed. Random searches of vehicles are under way.

In Washington, an Associated Press reporter encountered a soldier at the ready outside a metro stop blocks away from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Security overall is tightened. In downtown Chicago, surveillance cameras are operating. Los Angeles has beefed up patrols. And New Mexico and Massachusetts also are in a heightened state of alert.