Portune Questions Bengals Profits

Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune says the Bengals weren't completely truthful with the public when they insisted on a new stadium. Portune points to NFL statistics that show the Cincinnati Bengals were among the most profitable in the league when Mike Brown took a trip to Baltimore. That trip happened in 1995 when the city of Baltimore was looking for an NFL team. Portune released statistics that show the team from 1989 to 1999 had total profits of nearly $112 million dollars. In an e-mail to FOX 19 the Bengals responded by saying the bulk of the statistics amount to old news. The e-mail goes on to say, "Anyone who tries to make something out of all of these numbers without recognizing the reality of what life in the National Football League [is like] is only trying to mislead." The county and the Bengals have Federal lawsuits pending against each other.