Pit Bull Attack Victim Faces Long Recovery

A ten year-old boy who was attacked by a pit bull mix is facing a long recovery, and now the case is going to court with the pit's owner.

Rhonda Byrd is facing three charges:

For not having a dog license,

For not having liability insurance on a vicious dog, and

Failure to confine a vicious dog.

The boys family hopes this tragedy is a lesson for all dog owners.

"I believe dogs like that don't need to be out on the street, around other people, children. Because Daniel, if he hadn't been a big boy, it could've killed him. He lost a lot of blood," says the boy's mother, Helen Foster.

Daniel has lacerations on his face and body, and part of his nose was bitten off. He is now recovering at home, but will have to have reconstructive surgery. His family is asking the community to offer their support for Daniel. Get-well cards can be sent to 6800 Vine Street.