Hacking Admits He Killed His Wife

Police document: Hacking told psychiatric ward patient that he killed his wife

A court filing in support of Mark Hacking's arrest says the Utah man admitted killing his wife as she slept, and throwing her body in a trash bin. The document says Hacking made the admission to a "reliable citizen witness" in the psychiatric ward Hacking checked into the day after reporting his wife missing.

The statement was released by the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department. It also says investigators found human blood on a knife in the couple's bedroom and on the bed's headboard and bed rail. The blood matched some found in Lori Hacking's car. Mark Hacking is being held without bail on suspicion of aggravated murder. His wife, Lori, hasn't been seen in two weeks. Police say they doubt Mark Hacking's story that his wife vanished after leaving home to go jogging.