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Tri-State road crews anticipate icy storm

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Local transportation officials have some standard operating procedures they follow in preparation of anticipated winter weather.

This includes the preparedness of road crews working 12-hour shifts.

Beginning at 7 p.m. in Cincinnati, and 8 p.m. in Northern Kentucky, they pre-treat road surfaces with salt and calcium chloride, paying particular attention to trouble spots that can be especially hazardous in ice and snow.

"The bridges and overpasses that we always talk about, but the Cut-in-the-Hill will have three trucks on it, and that's going to be their total concentration is the six mile corridor that we call that area," said Nancy Wood of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

In addition to specific hazardous areas, workers say the cold temperatures bring another specific problem to keep an eye one.

"What becomes challenging for us is the ice. Ice you cannot see a lot of times so it creates a situation that we continually have to get out and make sure that we're assessing the conditions of the road," said Jarrod Bolden of Cincinnati Traffic and Road Operations.

Both Cincinnati and Kentucky Transportation Officials say they have plenty of salt and de-icing agents on hand.

They advise drivers to slow down and use extra caution during the winter weather, and be sure to give way for salt trucks.

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