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KCI airport open all day Tuesday, although many flights canceled


Business is running as usual at the Kansas City International Airport, though not all airlines are flying out Tuesday.

Southwest Airlines canceled all flights in and out of KCI for the day. Passengers spent much of the day trying to get onto flights with other airlines or hotel rooms for the night.

Al Doan said he will spend six hours in the airport before getting a flight out.

"So I came in from an hour and a half away. And it was terrible coming in so we made it in and then we get here and they're like, ‘you're not going anywhere today,'" Doan said.

Kurt Plassmeyer's family's flight was canceled after they were in town for a funeral.

"We came out right after the last storm so then our departure flight got caught in this blizzard. It's been hard all around, but we're scheduled to go back tomorrow," he said.

Delta Airlines continues serving passengers and was pretty busy handling all of its flights. Frontier had a few canceled flights.

Weather conditions were the main reason for flight cancellations.

In the Northland on Tuesday morning, traffic was stopped on Interstate 29 just before Highway 291 because semi-trucks couldn't make it up the incline and kept others from passing. Tow trucks were able to pull the big rigs out.

One driver in Liberty was spotted after they slid into a ditch, but police and other people with the necessary tools helped pull them out of the jam.

"Yeah, I try to give them a helping hand if I can. Tow rope and four-wheel drive can get just about anybody out," said Jake Ormsby, who was helping others as he drove around.

Some businesses in the Northland closed shop for the day including offices, private stores and more. Convenience stores and a few fast food restaurants were open, although traffic was very light Tuesday morning.

Rick Teeble thought it would be best to stay open. He runs an auto and tire shop in downtown Liberty, MO, and thought there might be a few drivers needing service. He started at 6 a.m. clearing the parking lot for customers and he said he's also concerned about the dropping temperature turning the slush to ice.

"Anybody that has to get out and get in it, it's pretty rough. The snow this time is not as much as we've had before, but it's so wet you can hardly move it, the snow blower won't hardly blow it," Teeple said.

The MKC city airport in downtown Kansas City re-opened at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Travelers are better informed now through text messages and e-mails regarding their flights, but sometimes it can change just within travel time. Check up on your flight information on KCTV5's Traffic page.

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