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Zoo's director recovering after being hit by car while biking


One of Cincinnati's most recognizable people is recovering after he was hit by a car while riding his bike.

The Cincinnati Zoo's Thane Maynard isn't letting that stop him from being one of the city's biggest biking ambassadors.

"I'm going fairly fast because there's no traffic, and all of a sudden this burgundy car is right against my leg and pow the rear view mirror hits my handlebars," Maynard says of the wreck.

Riding down Vine Street in Over the Rhine a few weeks ago, the next thing Maynard knew, he was on the ground. He broke his collarbone in several places and needed nine screws to put it back together.

Maynard knows he's lucky to have just gotten away with a broken collar bone. At the end of last summer, two bicycle riders were killed on Cincinnati streets within two weeks of each other.

"When I was talking with the police they were very cautionary about riding in the city," said Maynard. "Studies show 1 in 10 cars that pass you, the driver shouldn't be driving - wouldn't have license, right glasses, not to mention texting, drinking or not paying attention."

"We really try to stress education for drivers & bicyclists. You think about it, 16 year old drivers get a license & they don't get any bicycle education," said Nern Ostendorf, the executive director of Queen City Bike, an advocacy group for biking commuters.

Both support more bike lanes and infrastructure to support bicycling in the city, and hope for completion of the Ohio River Trail.

Maynard has another couple of weeks before he's allowed to ride again.

"I have always loved riding my bike," said Maynard. "I was riding downhill that day. It was really pretty 3 weeks ago.  I thought man this is great!  so I'll get that back."

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