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Trees snapping under weight of heavy, wet snow


Trees throughout the Kansas City area are snapping underneath the weight of heavy, thick snow coating their branches.

Patrick Burke woke to the sound of a tree crashing through his residence.

"I heard shattered glass and my girlfriend said, 'Oh my gosh, look at the bathroom.' The entire ceiling was coming down," Burke said.

Thankfully, no one was injured when the 100-year-old tree weighing 25,000 pounds crashed into the home near 51st and Westwood streets. But it will cost $5,000 just to remove the large tree.

Neil Millert sees sagging trees on his neighbors' property and fears that one will crash onto his home.

When buckling, some trees are taking down power lines. Experts say you should not cut a branch or tree yourself because of the danger. Instead, they say call a service like Burke did.

Brandon Hendrickson of Kansas City Arborist Tree Service said residents at a minimum should wait until the snow has melted to make sure there are no electrical hazards present.

A tree crashed onto Mike Clay's house. He's now filling out insurance paperwork, but is grateful no one was hurt.

"Everybody is safe," he said. "The house is dry and warm so we made it."

Marianna Hendrickson said she had tree limbs pruned away last year, which she said paid off with less damage.

"I think it helps keep the weight off the branches and keep them cleared away from the house," she said.

Tree care companies have been busy since the snowstorms hit in February. Experts recommend working with a certified arborist to ensure trees are properly pruned before storms roll through.

A big tree limb fell Friday morning, blocking part of a street in Waldo.

Call your utility company if limbs are touching power lines.

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