Bodies Found

Police arrest four people in brutal slayings; a hearing today

Four people arrested for a multiple murder in Florida face bail hearings today. They'll also have a chance to ask for court-appointed lawyers. Police say six people were stabbed and viciously beaten to death late last week in Deltona. Police discovered them after one of the victims failed to show up for work. Authorities say the killings appear to have involved a dispute over some clothing and a video game system. They say one of the victims found a squatter staying in her grandparent's vacation house, which was supposed to be vacant this summer. The squatter apparently left the items behind when evicted, and the woman took them back to her house Police say the woman who reported the squatter was singled out for a beating so vicious that even dental records were useless in trying to identify her. The other victims were staying with her in a house she rented in the area.