Arsonist On The Loose?

A garage at a church caught fire Sunday night in Colerain Township.

It's the 4th fire in four nights in that community. It started around 10 in a storage garage behind the Garden Park Unity Church on Galbraith Road. The fire didn't spread to the church or damage any other buildings however, firefighters are worried about what the fire may mean.

"We'd ask all of our citizens to keep their eyes open, something's going on, there are people out and about that may be involved and if they see something suspicious, they can help by calling the police," said Chief Bruce Smith from the Colerain Fire Department.

The fires began Thursday night when a barn burned to the ground on Blue Meadow. Friday night an office building under construction was set on fire and Saturday a fire was set at a gift shop near Colerain Avenue took an hour to put out.

If you know anything about any of the fires you are urged to call the Hamilton County Park Rangers at 521-3980.