Army Ends Examination Of Execution Video

Army says it has ended examination of purported execution video

The Army says it has ended its examination of a videotape that purportedly showed the execution of a US soldier. An Army spokesman said today that the videotape was too dark and grainy to allow military officials to determine whether anyone really was executed by militants in Iraq.

The Arab television station Al-Jazeera reported on June 28th that a man being shot in the head on the videotape was Army reservist Keith Maupin from suburban Cincinnati, near Batavia. But Army spokesman Major Mark Magalski said today that military officials never saw or heard the person shown on the video -- and no body has been found. Magalski said the military investigators could not determine whether the figure purportedly executed during the video was real or a dummy made to look like a human being.

Maupin's family members say they hope that the soldier is still alive, although they have received no news about his fate. He was captured four months after his convoy was attacked in Iraq. His family celebrated his 21st birthday last month.