How Safe Are You?

Imagine watching t-v, and armed men storm into your living room demanding money.

A man in Green Township learned last night that the tough locks we hope will keep us safe are just a pushover for criminals. Tonight police tell us how you can better protect your home from criminals and how to protect yourself if it does happen to you.

It looked like a pretty decent dead-bolt, but with 2 kicks at 11:30 Monday night, 4 men broke into this home while the owner was watching tv.

Roberto Manzanarez didn't want to speak with us on camera understandably he's afraid for his life. It was threatened last night in the very place he thought he was safest.

Manzanarez was lying on the couch. He heard two loud bangs when he got up to see what happened he was confronted by 4 men, one of them with a gun. They made him lie down on the floor, put the gun to his head and asked "where is your money?".

"Tell them where the money is," said Lt. Dan Reid of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

Lt. Reid says the best protection, if your home is invaded, is to do what you are told. Don't resist, don't argue, and don't try to protect your things. Stay calm and open your eyes.

"Become a great witness, be very observant," said Reid.

Get a good look at your invader's face. If you can't see that, look at his shoes, his arms, his clothes. Notice scars, tattoos, and birthmarks. Police say they are excellent identifiers.

But what about preventing an invasion before it happens----Reid says a solid lock---like this one isn't enough. The door itself or the door frame is what usually gives way....

Investing in a solid door and a ste

l door frame is excellent protection.
ven better protection,
eid says
, is
an alarm system.

"If one of those men kicked the door in an an alarm starts going off what a tremendous deterrent that is."