Frey Unravels Peterson's Web Of Lies

Scott Peterson's one-time mistress says blind date led to tryst

Amber Frey takes the stand again today in Scott Peterson's double murder trial in Redwood City, California. She was his mistress before his pregnant wife Laci was murdered in 2002.

Yesterday, Frey testified that her first date with Peterson included slow-dancing, champaign and sex at a hotel room. But she says she didn't know he was married.

Frey says later in their relationship Peterson said he "lost" his wife. She says she thought that meant his wife had died. Frey says that from the beginning, Peterson seemed to want a future with her and her daughter. Her testimony appears to counter one aspect of Peterson's defense -- his lawyers have scoffed at the idea that a man would murder his pregnant wife to be with a single mother he had just met.