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Tri-State Catholics reflect on new pope

(Source: Vatican TV/CNN) (Source: Vatican TV/CNN)

"There is an old adage that says, "He who goes in Pope comes out cardinal," said Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, Archdiocese of Cincinnati. "And that has certainly proved true. [Jorge] Bergoglio was not amongst the ones that I was hearing mentioned. I think he was kind of a dark horse."

History was made as the first Latin American Pontiff was elected, but not just for the Catholic community, for Hispanics across the world.

"We are very excited," said Fr. Luis Gasparini, of San Carlos Borromeo in Cincinnati. "I'm sure the Hispanic community is just jumping up and down today. It's great. We are proud that he is an American pope, the whole great America."

"I rejoice with the Hispanic communities in this archdiocese, and in this country," Archbishop Schnurr echoed. "I'm sure they are elated with the election of one of their own."

Pope Francis distinguishes himself in another way, being the first Jesuit elected as Pontiff.

Coincidentally, Jesuits' vow that they will not seek higher office within the church, but can become a cardinal if a Pope so orders.

Pope John Paul II named him cardinal in 2001.

"He'll be well educated," said Fr. Ted Ross, teacher at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary. "The order has been famous for that. Traditionally, the order has had a strong affinity to the Holy Father, to the Pope."

Fr. Ross is also a Jesuit and thinks Pope Francis will appeal to the masses.

"He's such an attractive individual," Fr. Ross added. "He's humble, he's bright. He's a person that you get the impression that he's the guy next door."

And despite all the things that make him unique, his faith is universal.

"When one becomes Pope, he doesn't belong to anybody, he belongs to everybody," Fr. Gasparini reflected.

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