Mother seeking liver transplant for 9-month-old son

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky woman is asking for help from the public for a debilitating liver disease affecting her infant son.

Nine-month-old RJ Cogsville has a condition called 'Biliary Atresa', which is a blockage of the tubes from the liver to the gallbladder.

RJ's mother, Stephanie Davis, says the condition is hard on her son's body.

"Basically it just like destroys his bile ducts and stuff for his liver where his liver can't process so that he can't process the stuff," Davis told our camera.

Biliary Atresia can lead to liver damage, cirrhosis and in some cases can be fatal without a transplant.

In the meantime, Davis says RJ is taking a number of medications to keep him alive until he's old enough for a transplant.

"They could do it now, but they would rather wait until after he is 1. There were some vaccines he had to receive before he could actually have the transplant. So he already received those vaccines so now were basically waiting on him to turn 1."

Davis says dealing with RJ's condition has been stressful, especially making the 20 mile trip from Hebron to Children's Hospital.

"He can get sick at any time then he's got to be admitted to Children's, and I actually have three other children so its like back and forth and I don't have transportation and its kind of rough."

Davis says one of her friends created a website called in hopes of getting Stephanie a little help.

"My friend Andrea, she actually created the website for me to get like different donations and like help with his medicines and different stuff like that."

Davis says her family members have also begun getting tested to see if any of them would make a suitable donor.

"We're going to get dad tested and like his grandparents are going to get tested and like family and stuff are going to get tested to see if he can't get his liver sooner because he just keeps getting sicker and sicker and sicker."

For more information or to make a donation, visit RJ's website.

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